• Arepa llanera

    Delicious grilled corn cake with shredded beef, avocado, cheese, pico de gallo sauce and fried plantain. The favorites of the …

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  • Fried yucca

    Colombian French fries. Yucca is a tuber, similar to potato, with a flavor that will fascinate you. Our arepas Arepa …

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  • Patacón

    Fried green plantain topped with shredded meat, beans, pico de gallo, cheese and green sauce. Torta de plátano verde frito, …

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  • Empanadas

    Made with corn dough, stuffed with potato and beef, accompanied by green sauce. Try the homemade Colombian seasoning with these …

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  • About Us

    We are the Monge family, originally from Colombia and El Salvador.

    In 2017 we founded El Sitio, Colombian Food, with the purpose of sharing with our American and Latin American brothers the charm of Colombian snacks.

    We are the Monge family, originally from Colombia and El Salvador.

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    The sweet taste of Colombia in Oregon

    Enter here and discover the sweet and refreshing flavors that we have for you at El Sitio, Colombian Food.


    Our values

    We are a family business, and we are governed by the values ​​instilled in us by our parents and which we also carry into our professional lives.


    At El Sitio, Colombian food, you will always find a smile and a helping hand for each one of our clients, regardless of nationality, gender or beliefs.

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    We are dedicated to making delicious Colombian food because we believe in what we do, in always offering you the best ingredients at the best price.

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    We are a family that puts the best of itself in each of our products, each bite of our arepas is the taste of family love.

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    We are loyal to our principles, to our beautiful country, to this land that welcomed us with arms wide open, and to our clients from El Sitio, Colombian Food, that is why we always offer them the best quality.

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